Poetry by Randi Anderson


“Wendy Waited” — forthcoming from Goblin Fruit

“Cream of Fool Ivan: A Recipe” — published in Quantum Fairy Tales, January 31, 2016

La Muerte” — published in Strange Horizons, June 30, 2014

  • Also listen to the July podcast … with some poets of whom I am in awe, including Bogi Takács.

100 Themes Challenge Poems, posted to this blog beginning in November 2015

Most of my poetry ends up on my deviantART profile, but here are some non-Challenge poems I’ve posted to this site:


The Bookstore

Lest You Look Back, at the Dusk of the World

Mappa Mundi

Matryoshka Dam

On the Solemnity of Black Friday

A Song of Heavier Things

Specter of the Cold War, Singing

To Watch an Hour

Ursa Major Wakes in January

Waking in September

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