About All This …

Who’s talking?

Hello and welcome! My name’s Randi. With an i.

Here’s a photo from Novosibirsk, Russia, where I used to live and teach.

I’m a fantasy writer, poet, polyglot, teacher, singer, amateur photographer and doodler trying my best to live a “deep life” from the heart and soul.

In other words, I’m here to create art, look beyond the surface, and shine in the small things.

I’m also a Catholic (converted in 2006) with a personal policy of abandoning everything to Divine Providence. Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus — that in all things God may be glorified. That’s the source of any depth at all in my life, and it’s also the essential reason I’m here on this earth… but it’s so easy to forget in the daily buzz of life. Hence the again.

So … why are we here, again?

I said I’m trying to live from the “deep places,” right? Well, part of that means helping people remember why we’re here, doing what we’re doing. I believe we can be more fully “awake” in our lives, instead of watching them get frittered away on unimportant things.

Unfortunately, I’m terrible at self-help. I can’t tell you how to live with more wakefulness and depth, because I can’t even tell myself.

Story and poetry, however, I can do.

So here, on this blog, I’ll be sharing musings on The Deep Things in the form of poetry (mine and others’) and story … with, you know, some not-so-deep stuff as well. (Can’t be serious all the time.)

Because polyglottishness is kind of my thing (as is making up words, and speaking in parentheses), you should also expect to see a lot of foreign language work. But fear not! There will always be a translation.

If you’ve got a hint of a poet’s soul — or maybe just a bookish one; they’re almost the same thing — I invite you to stay. Get involved in the comment box discussions. I’d love to hear from you.

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What My Stories Are Like:

The simplest description is this — I write fantasy inspired by world folklore and religion. (With particular affinity for Irish and Russian folklore and the monastic Christian tradition.)

I do not write erotica, grimdark, elves, sword and sorcery, or paranormal romance.

do write fiction that experiments with folklore come to life, or folklore characters revamped and transplanted into an epic fantasy world. I also tend to focus on “monastics,” or other characters with strong ties to whatever faith they hold.

I do not write Christian fiction, except what naturally leaks from my worldview into my work.

Expect some sexual themes, violence, and cursing. (But nowhere near the level of grimdark or erotica.)

Favorite Writers (no particular order):

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Flannery O’Connor, Anton Chekhov, Bertolt Brecht, Charles Dickens, C. S. Lewis, Wolfgang Borchert, Orson Scott Card, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jane Austen, G. K. Chesterton, Neil Gaiman, Amy Tan, J.R.R. Tolkien, W. B. Yeats, Ray Bradbury. New favorites that I’m still exploring include Brandon Sanderson and Yangsze Choo.

Language Wish List:

German: Level unknown, but dropped down from C1. Goal: Regain C1 level to speak more confidently and enjoy reading German literature again.

Russian: Wavering B1 level now. Goal: Read Dostoevsky & Chekhov in the original. (shiver)

French: Weak A2 level now. Especially weak in listening comprehension. Goal: Reach at least a high B2 level and MOVE TO LA FRANCE!

Swedish: I’d like to learn this language to B1 level, solely for the sake of my heritage. It’s on the back-burner, for now.

Language Learning Retirement Home: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese. I knew ye (not so) well, and even less do I know ye now.

Heavenly Support Group:

Our Lady of FatimaSt Therese of LisieuxSaints Benedict and ScholasticaSt. GeorgePope Saint John Paul IISt Gianna Beretta Molla   St. Paul Chong Hasang